Practice Areas

  Business Counseling

Seller of Travel Laws

Contract Drafting and Review
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) Contracts
  • Travel Technology Contracts
  • Group Tour and Incentive Contracts

Waiver Agreements

e-Commerce and Marketing
  • Websites
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policies

Department of Transportation Compliance
  • Full-Fare Advertising
  • Baggage Fee Disclosures
  • Code-Share Disclosures
  • Post-Purchase Price Increases

ARC Appointments and Compliance

Employment Matters
  • Independent Contractors
  • Employment Agreements
Zim Travel Law, PLLC was founded by Daniel R. Zim  with a commitment of providing the highest quality and most effective legal representation to businesses and individuals in the travel and hospitality industry. With its vast knowledge of rules, regulations and customary norms pertaining to the travel and hospitality industry, the firm is well positioned to provide travel agencies, tour operators and related businesses with the responsive, long-term legal support they need to successfully operate their businesses.

At Zim Travel Law, we offer you the key benefits of in-house general counsel services without the cost of retaining a full-time attorney on your staff. These benefits include intimate knowledge of your business, proactive legal advice and as-needed availability and responsiveness. As a firm focused on providing outside general counsel services, we take a holistic, client-centered approach toward planning methods of legal compliance and risk management.

In our practice, we strive to find innovative, pragmatic solutions aimed at eliminating or neutralizing business risks. Rather than simply putting out fires, we advise on strategies that diminish sources of combustibility so that you can grow your travel business with peace of mind and self-assurance.  

We seek to demystify the complexities of sophisticated legal matters and promote the business goals of our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. With a breadth of experience, Zim Travel Law is qualified to provide specialized legal services for travel firms in the following areas: business law; contract review and drafting; waivers agreements; Seller of Travel laws; Department of Transportation rules and regulations; websites services (including content review, terms and conditions, privacy policies); ARC accreditation; and employment matters.

We look forward to working with you.