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Almost every business, no matter how large or small, has at one time or another sought to protect its rights and interests by entering into a written contract. While unwritten handshake agreements may seem like an easier, less formal way of closing a deal, it is very difficult to prove the existence of such a contract and thereby enforce your rights under it. In fact, by entering into an oral contract you could be jeopardizing your business or even your personal resources. Therefore, reducing agreements to writing is definitely a wise habit to form.  

However, in order to properly secure your rights, having written contracts is not enough. If they are written, they must be written well. All too often contracts received from vendors and suppliers are lengthy, verbose and densely composed documents that create more ambiguity than they resolve. Ambiguity in contracts can cause disagreement over interpretation, ruin business relationships and needlessly result in litigation. A well written contract should not leave the parties to an agreement dumbfounded as to its terms and mutually agreed upon rights and responsibilities. Contracts are meant to be read and understood by lay people as well as lawyers. Our goal at Zim Travel Law is to create contracts that are models of clarity and simplicity. Whether a contract is on your form or your vendor's form, we will make sure that the document is concise, comprehensible and, most importantly, safe to sign.

Building on our years of experience assisting diverse groups of travel professionals, our firm offers targeted advice including the analysis, drafting and negotiation of specialized travel industry contracts. Through our contract drafting and review services, we can help you effectively manage your critical business relationships. We offer advice and services on contracts for the following types of vendors:

  • • Global Distribution Systems (GDS);
  • • Travel technology providers;
  • • Travel and transportation suppliers;
  • • Land and sea based accommodation suppliers;
  • • Independent contractors; and
  • • Partners in group tour and incentive travel ventures.