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I worked closely with Daniel Zim for several years. Daniel is hard working, knowledgeable, and honest. He know his law and works to help and protect his client at all times. His research is thorough and his preparation is excellent. He is a great team member and is well respected by co-workers and supervisors. Daniel is a trustworthy advocate, whom I am proud to recommend.

William A Maloney, CTC
CEO (1999-2010)
American Society of Travel Agents, Inc. (ASTA)

Thank you for your great work on my recent purchase of a travel agency. I am so glad you were there to assist me and look out for my best interests.  It is clear that you really know the travel industry and I am confident that you helped me avoid some potential problems.  I know that I am in a good position to deal with some issues that have come up because of your care and foresight.  I look forward to continuing to work with you whenever I need your expertise.

Ann S.

When I returned from living and working in East Africa and began establishing my personal safari service business, I looked for a travel attorney whom I could trust and who understood the complexities of not just travel, but adventure travel. Daniel Zim has prepared for me the legal documents I needed, specific to my business. He thoroughly communicates with me risk management strategies and understands the specifics of my working environment. Quite simply, I could not take clients to the wilds of Africa without Daniel’s thoroughness and knowledge behind me.

Amy M.

I came to know Daniel Zim as a member of ASTA's Premium Membership Program. Mr. Zim demonstrates a thorough knowledge of GDS contracts and the travel industry. He succinctly analyzes complex legal issues in terms I can easily understand. As a member, I appreciated having such a talented expert on our side.


Our experience with Mr. Zim was very positive. He was very informative and made us feel comfortable right from the beginning. He was very patient with us; he answered all our questions. We found his work to be detailed oriented and thorough. He made the entire process hassle-free. We would definitely recommend him.


As a new travel business owner, Daniel Zim has helped me to understand and implement the proper legal documents in which to conduct business. He assisted me on a last minute project working diligently to meet the short timely deadline. His understanding of the travel laws is an asset to the travel industry and I consider him a very important part of my business team.

Pamela L.

RE: Recommendation of Daniel R. Zim, Esq.


Daniel Zim was employed as Assistant General Counsel by the American Society of Travel Agents, Inc. (ASTA) from October 2006. During his employment, I served as his supervising attorney and have reviewed much of his work.

Daniel was originally hired to work in ASTA's Legal Department in a more limited capacity as a staff attorney. However, shortly after coming on board a change in circumstances required that he assume most of the responsibilities and management of the Legal Department, primarily with respect to corporate governance, contracts, trademark protection, insurance coverage, copyrights, licensing and member management matters. He became de facto ASTA’s general counsel. 

Daniel showed himself to be a conscientious worker with ready willingness to venture into new legal territory and take assignments of any nature. He regularly produced legal memoranda covering a multitude of diverse legal issues that are characteristic of ASTA’s broad reach as a trade association in a technical and rapidly changing industry. When ASTA moved to a new membership model in 2007, we relied on Daniel to produce numerous white papers for member consumption on a variety of legal issues, including serious risk management concerns. We relied on him for legal advice on all manner of internal management matters related to personnel, non-profit tax status and compliance with labor laws applicable to the association and its affiliates. Daniel showed his commitment to the association by suggesting new lines of research and services that would meet member needs in the future. He got along well with other staff members, making them feel they were being heard even when it was necessary to impose an unwelcome legal process on them to protect ASTA’s association standing and best practices. 

Paul M. Ruden
Senior Vice President
Legal & Industry Affairs