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Seller of Travel Laws

Contract Drafting and Review
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) Contracts
  • Travel Technology Contracts
  • Group Tour and Incentive Contracts

Waiver Agreements

e-Commerce and Marketing
  • Websites
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policies

Department of Transportation Compliance
  • Full-Fare Advertising
  • Baggage Fee Disclosures
  • Code-Share Disclosures
  • Post-Purchase Price Increases

ARC Appointments and Compliance

Employment Matters
  • Independent Contractors
  • Employment Agreements
Although primary care physicians are well trained and educated, they are not necessarily the best medical professionals to turn to when you have a vision problem. Similarly, even though well intentioned, a general business lawyer probably faces a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding the intricate relationships among travel entities and the complex rules and regulations they are subject to.

Zim Travel Law is uniquely positioned to provide superior advice on a wide range of legal and business issues affecting the travel sector. The firm's founder, Daniel R. Zim, is a veteran travel law attorney whose keen understanding of travel industry rules and regulations offers clients the benefit of advice and services specially tailored to their every day needs. At Zim Travel Law, we know your business. We speak the language of travel. We offer strategic thinking, creative solutions and the requisite experience to manage your case in the most efficient manner possible.

We focus on providing high quality outside general counsel services for your long-term needs. Our law firm does not only provide transactional legal advice and services to address specific problems, we strive to preventatively implement legal best practices designed to reduce exposure to liability and manage risk. We believe that cultivating relationships with our clients is an important way to assure that clients achieve their goals and that their business and personal assets are well protected.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We enthusiastically accept our clients’ challenges and strive to surpass their expectations. We enjoy hearing positive client feedback but if, for any reason, you are less than satisfied with our services, let us know and we will make every effort to make things right. That is our guarantee of quality.

We are a small firm that provides excellent personal service utilizing the most innovative technologies to improve efficiencies and accomplish those ends. Our small size actually works to our collective advantage. Because we don't carry the heavy overhead that big law firms bear, our fee structures can be offered at more competitive rates, saving you money.

Zim Travel Law values its clientele and believes client relationships should be based on mutual trust and understanding as well as the alignment of common interests. As part of our attitude toward clients, the firm strives to make its fee arrangements and your legal expenses as predictable and transparent as possible. We maintain flexibility in our fee structure employing payment methods that are more suitable for our clients. Flat fee arrangements are often used for certain standard services.